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Need a new home cleaner in Stetson Ranch? We would be happy to help you out. We are available for any type of house cleaning project, including weekly cleans, post construction clean up, and deep cleaning jobs.

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Do you need a house cleaner in Southern Highlands? Maids of Las Vegas is available for small to large projects. We can help you with move out cleans or weekly cleaning just give us a call to learn more!

You are considering hiring a Las Vegas cleaning company to keep your house spotless and fresh. It is a step that you feel will assist in improving your lifestyle, and you are looking forward to enjoying a spotless, sparkling home. Some great benefits of taking this step could include the following:

A Healthier Home
Consistently cleaning a home will assist in eliminating germs and toxins that can be harmful to your family’s health and well-being. Constantly clearing clutter on floors and stairs will reduce trip hazards and other mishaps. Unsightly clutter and negative odors will be a thing of the past

Accurate Use of Chemicals and Cleaners
You might use bleach or vinegar for everything you clean, but professional house cleaners have the best and the latest in cleaning supplies and equipment. They know what will take that red spot out of your carpet, clean your oven most effectively, and remove that unsightly grease stain on your sofa. They have access to quality brushes, brooms, and sweepers, and the vacuum cleaners they use are the best in the business. You won’t have to purchase expensive cleaners and housekeeping supplies or even worry about storing them any more.

More Focus on Career and/or Children
In the past, your weekends may have been spent cleaning the various areas of your residence. Now you will have free time to go on short day trips, to sporting events, or even just stay home and barbecue with friends. Your career may also take off when you have extra hours to work on projects and challenges of your position. Hiring a house cleaner may create a situation where you make more than enough of a salary to justify the expense.

Peace of Mind
Just knowing that when guests drop by, your house will be clean and ready for entertaining or just a quick cup of coffee will make you more relaxed and sociable. Having the luxury of relaxing after work instead of rushing around to clean the kitchen or family room will be like a dream come true. This reduction in stress over having the perfect home makes this investment well worth the expense.

Hiring our Southern Highlands cleaning company can be so beneficial to you and your family. Family and friends will be so impressed with the sparkling interior of your residence. You will feel pampered and carefree. Your house will be a source of pride and joy, instead of an extra and overwhelming burden that hangs over you every day.

Rhodes Ranch Maids

Looking for a cleaning service in Rhodes Ranch / Las Vegas, NV? Contact Maids Of Las Vegas today for a free house cleaning quote.

7 good reasons to hire our Rhodes Ranch cleaning company
According to the American Time Use Survey published by the Census Bureau, American men and women spend over 20 hours a week cleaning their homes themselves when other cleaning options exist. One cleaning option is to hire a cleaning company. Here are 5 good reasons to hire a cleaning service.

1. Lack of time

If you work long hours, chances are you don’t have 20 hours a week to spend on cleaning. If you wait and do all cleaning on your day off, that precious time could be spent doing more relaxing pleasurable activities.

2. A cleaning company cleans better than you

Do you dislike cleaning? Are you bad at cleaning? A cleaning company will solve both concerns. If you want a superior thorough cleaning, it is best to hire a cleaning company. They use professional products and tools which produce a clean that you cannot duplicate.

3. Before party clean up

Prepare for a party by hiring a cleaning company to put your home in mint condition. You can then redirect your focus on preparing guest lists, invitations, catering, etc.

4. After party clean up

In addition to hiring a cleaning company to prepare for an event, you can hire one to perform after party cleaning. Whether you are cleaning up after a wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, or bachelor party, the task can be daunting. If you are overwhelmed and need help with clean up, it is best to hire a cleaning company.

5. Moving out

Deep cleaning by a cleaning company is a must when moving out of a house or apartment because the return of your security deposit may be at risk. A deep cleaning should include cleaning appliances, carpet, baseboards, cabinets, windows, etc. Another advantage is that if your landlord finds something that was missed, you can request that the cleaning company return to resolve it.

6. Staging your home
If you are selling your house, you will need to start the staging process with a deep thorough clean. You want everything to sparkle. It is easier for a prospective buyer to decide to buy your house if your house is cleaned, organized, and uncluttered.

7. Your health is compromised
If cleaning compromises your health, think twice about attempting to clean yourself. Cleaning involves stooping, bending, and lifting. If your health makes these tasks difficult for you, it is best to hire a cleaning company.

You should make a list of the tasks you need by done by using a cleaning checklist. Using your completed checklist, you can request estimates from different cleaning companies. If the estimates are too high for your budget, eliminate tasks that are easy, effortless and not time consuming to reduce the price. Choosing a cleaning company like Maids of Las Vegas to clean for you is always a good decision.